About JLU Foundation for Incubation and Entrepreneurship

The primary aim of JLU Foundation for Incubation and Entrepreneurship is to provide the budding entrepreneurs with essential services like incubation, mentoring, business networking, co-working and financial support. The Foundation intends to assist in converting the ideas of such entrepreneurs into viable businesses.

Objectives of the JLUFIE:
  • To develop a culture of entrepreneurship in the University
  • Promoting latest technology, knowledge and innovation based start-ups at the Foundation
  • To build a vibrant start-up ecosystem by establishing a network among academia, financial institutions, industries and other stakeholders
  • Helping ideas translate into reality and push them to gain commercial value
  • To create value added jobs and services
  • Providing support to the budding entrepreneurs in terms of technological facilities and suggestions, networking opportunities, co-working spaces, mentoring and advisory support
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